Non-invasive glucose monitoring system
based on photoacoustics

"Accurate, convenient, and painless
blood glucose monitoring"

Non-invasive - Use light and sound. No need for needle or blood sampling

Accuracy - Non-invasive blood glucose meter at medical device level

Eco-friendly - Can be used semi-permanently due to the use of reusable sensors

Connectivity - Share your blood sugar data with your family and doctor

High Accuracy

GlucoSOUND illuminates the skin with various colors, which generate ultrasound waves. Sensors in the device then measure the ultrasound with high accuracy and reliability. Then, the measured data is sent to the smartphone app, where you can immediately view and analyze your blood glucose levels.

Extensive experiments have demonstrated the potential of our technology, for example in the graph on the right. Many companies are developing non-invasive blood glucose meters. Based on the technology they use and the published data, our product can measure more ccurately than any other product or technology.

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